It is important to understand for athletes and all other people the reasons why certain products or methods are prohibited to use.


Facts about stimulants 

What is it?

Stimulants directly affect the central nervous system by making impact on the head and spinal cord, stimulates the work of the heart and speeds up the metabolism. The most well-known stimulants that are used by athletes, are amphetamine, cocaine, ephedrine and caffeine.

Why do athletes use them?
Stimulants can be used to get the same effect, which is provided by the naturally produced in human body adrenaline. Stimulants can increase alertness, concentration. In addition, they can increase the ability to train hard or reduce the sensitivity to pain.

Possible harm of stimulants
Because of usage of stimulants there were death of several athletes. Extremely dangerous to use stimulants if an athlete has to compete in difficult conditions, such as prolonged or excessive heat when the body heats up very easily and quickly. For the athlete, who is on stimulants, it can be difficult to recover. The heart and other vital organs may stop functioning right and it may cause the athlete to die.

Other possible harmful effects:
• loss of appetite;
• insomnia;
• fatigue suppression, resulting in exhaustion;
• euphoria;
• delusions (psychosis);
• the loss of ability to recover, tension, excitement;
• high blood pressure;
• heart rate and rhythm disorders;
• worsening of coordination, inability to take independent decisions, decreased self-criticism;
• addiction to stimulants;
• increase in body temperature.